Beth Costa, Owner

She’s incredibly creative…she’s a non-stop focused dynamo who takes your dream and turns it into a reality beyond what you can imagine!  That’s how Beth Costa works.  She constantly challenges herself to make flowers sing, dance, be poetic, state the understated, and so much more.  Whether you need flowers for one or to cover a football field, Beth will figure out a way to make it magical and memorable.  Each time she takes on a project, it’s a first because there is no cookie cutter, no autopilot and definitely no remote control.

With an infatuation for flowers, Beth is artistic, innovative, energetic and in love with her business. Incorporating classic European design and modern high-style elements, she has a unique take on color and texture delighting private and corporate clients with breathtaking arrangements. The Pink Daffodil has had the privilege to enhance many environments from elegant hotel lobbies and restaurants to intimate dinner parties and weddings, all with equal panache.

Beth began her career in television as a set/production designer. Her love of flowers, gardening, entertaining and interior design made it natural for her to transition into floral design. Beth has lived in Orange County for over 20 years with her husband, Dan, their 2 daughters and ever faithful four-legged companion, Kobe.

Our Team

The Pink Daffodil specializes in floral design projects which may look as if Beth has an army of folks at her beck and call.  While she has a most capable team, they are an intimate group carefully selected the same way she does with each and every flower for her creations.

Ginny is a former restaurant owner.  She has a knack for outdoing Martha Stewart with her flair for parties and flourish with food.  When it comes to handling the intricate details such as corsages, Ginny takes the lead.

Sue is the kind of person every successful business needs.  A talented designer, she thrives on checking quality control for major events.  Sue is the person who spots where one more piece of greenery or flower will make the difference between excellent and exquisite.

Patricia is incredibly crafty in the most complimentary way!  You name it, she can make it.  She is a painter, she sews like no other and when she is working, nothing else matters.  Her imagination is a “field of dreams” that she makes come true.

Bree is “my right arm and left leg” according to her proud mom, Beth.  She is talented in her own right and she has learned the fine points of event planning to take the lead when Beth can’t be in two places at once.

Kobe is part of this family affair too…he watches over everything and waits for the hugs and good lovin’ when the busy team needs to take a break.

Dan is the love of Beth’s life and the fireman who comes to the team’s rescue when there is a need to fix, build or go get something in the midst of a big event.  He responds to the call with competence in every way.

Our Philosophy

The Pink Daffodil is a personalized floral design studio located in Irvine, California specializing in weddings and events in the Orange County area. At The Pink Daffodil, we know that creative inspiration can come from just about anywhere – in brightly colored fabric to a treasured vintage necklace or autumn light through the trees. We believe that by listening closely to our clients, we can turn their visions into reality. We are comfortable working in any palette and on any scale to manifest the perfect look for you. Our commitment to beauty and magnificence is unparalleled. Prepare to be inspired because the Pink Daffodil is…Deceptively simple….Effortlessly elegant…and an Unforgettable floral experience.

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